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Spencer T. Lombardo (they/he) is an NYC-based actor who wants to use theatre as a vehicle for change. They take having the privilege to tell stories seriously and will continue to proudly represent the black, queer communities on stage. 


One of Spencer's main goals in creating art is to leave the recipient better than he found them and/or leave them with a new perspective to consider.  Another goal is to increase the representation of minority communities in theatre. If theatre is  "a place for all" let's start actually including EVERYONE! They are eager to collaborate with any and everyone striving to do the same. 


Spencer grew up in a suburb directly outside of Chicago called Oak Park.  A place where art is cherished and supported by the entire community. They had the privilege to explore and express themselves while growing up through theatre, music, and dance. They were always, to quote their fourth-grade teacher, "Fabulous." So naturally, he found his way to theatre.

Now Spencer has officially graduated from Syracuse University's Drama Department with a BFA in Musical Theatre and can't wait to influence the world in any way they can!

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