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Legally blonde in concert



Spencer has just graduated from Syracuse University with a BFA in Musical Theatre. They moved to New York City in December and completed their BFA with the Tepper Semester headed by Erica Jensen. In addition to graduating, Spencer participated in the Syracuse University Department of Drama's 2022 Showcase (more below). Now New York City-based, Spencer is currently working to expand their artistry through performing, choreographing, collaborating, and directing. Many projects to come ;)


showcase-2022-launchgraphic-1080x1080 2.PNG
showcase-2022-individualgraphicspencert.lombardo-1080x1080 2.JPG

Syracuse University's Department of Drama 2022 Showcase is LIVE! Take a look at the website: to see me and my awesome class! 

Check out my Actor Profile Here: 

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